• Saturday, August 22, 2020

Ever since the release of our website we have used PayPal for PayPal Payments and Stripe for Credit/Debit Payments.


PayPal has recently released a new payment gateway that allows for regular PayPal payments and Credit/Debit payments right through PayPal itself. For these reasons, we have deactivated our PayPal and Stripe Modules and added the new PayPal one.


If you used PayPal before, everything will be exactly the same. You checkout via PayPal and login to your account. For Credit/Debit, you choose Credit/Debit once you get to the PayPal page from ours, and type in all the information.


This change really shouldn't effect any of you, all the Credit/Debit payments will just now be sent to our PayPal instead of our Bank.


If you have any questions at all about this change please feel free to open a ticket or live chat via our website for more information.


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