$1.50 / monthly
15GB Storage
1/2TB Bandwith
1 FTP Account
1 SQL Databases
5 Email Addresses
10 Subdomains


$2.50 / monthly
30GB Storage
Unmetered Bandwith
2 FTP Accounts
3 SQL Databases
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Subdomains


$4.00 / monthly
45GB Storage
Unmetered Bandwith
6 FTP Accounts
7 SQL Databases
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Subdomains

Website Hosting Panel

Regardless if your website is for fun or is super professional, managing and keeping it online is our number one priority. We use cPanel to accomplish this. cPanel allows you to not only manage your website files via the panel and FTP, but it gives you so many more features. You can manage your domain settings, DNS Settings, SSL Certificates, and more.

Never used cPanel before? That's okay! Try out our free cPanel Account Demo! Go checkout how to upload your website files, manage domains, and more. All files and setting reset at 12:00 AM EST and some features are disabled.

  • Full FTP Access
  • Domain Management
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Easy Configuration